Code of conduct for Focus Exercise Professionals

A Professional is a member of a vocation founded upon specialised educational training and a person who engages in an activity with great competence Ethicsis a code of behaviour considered to be correct, especially by a particular profession This code of conduct for focus exercise professionals expects all members to be professional and ethical. The code of conduct covers the four areas:

1. Rights
2. Relationships
3. Responsibilities
4. Standards


Promote - All members should promote the right to exercise

Respect - All members should respect equal opportunities

Confidentiality - Information should be kept confidential unless given consent

Freedom – All members should have the freedom to consult other professionals as deemed necessary .


All members should maintain professional relationships with the customers, the qualities and traits of an exercise professional should include:

• Professional
• Patient, Compassionate & Sensitive
• Punctual, Reliable
• Enthusiastic
• Sense of Humour
• Motivational
• Approachable
• Self-Confident
• Integrity
• Confidentiality
• Communication
• Organisation
• Role Model
• Adaptable
• Empowering


All members have the responsibility to:

Project an image of health, cleanliness and efficiency
Protect the total well-being of all customers
Not condone the use of banned substances
Accurately advertise services
Hold valid Public Liability Insurance
To thoroughly prepare for all activities to ensure the safety of clients


All members are expected to:

Execute safe and effective standards of practice
Accept responsibility for professional actions
Reflect, analyse and evaluate own performance
Undertake further professional training and qualifications

All members should not
Assume or accept responsibility outside qualification
Assume competence in any working practise inferred solely from prior experience
If in doubt consult www.focusexerciseprofessionals.uk


This code of conduct sets out the key principles that you should adhere to as an exercise professional to ensure an ethical and professional approach to your work. The implementation of this Code of conduct should be used as the benchmark of good practice for the exercise professional but constant review of practice should occur to maintain four areas.

All members of Focus Exercise Professionals should follow the Code of Conduct policy for working with clients; this also includes ensuring working within the correct parameters of your qualifications and levels. Individuals should adhere to the occupational and industry standards set by occupation and area.

Online learning expectations

It is the responsibility of the Focus Exercise Professionals member to ensure that on completion of an online qualification, the product portrays the standards expected by the qualification, and the professional standards required by the industry.


On acceptance to the levels for Focus Exercise Professionals, individuals will be expected to submit evidence of their qualifications for the level that they wish to be graded. The evidence produced will be reviewed by a panel of expert fitness professionals to identify this is sufficient to meet the professional standards of the level.

For further information on the qualification specifications and levels refer to the specifications on www.focusawards.org.uk/qualification or contact: info@focusexerciseprofessionals.co.uk


Continuing professional development is defined asthe process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that an individual gainsboth formally and informally as they work, beyond any initial training. It's a record of what you experience, learn, and then apply. The term is generally used to mean a physical folder or portfolio documenting your development as a professional.

Maintaining Currency

Members of Focus Exercise Professionals should keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date to maintain membership; this ensures that membersenhance their knowledge and skill development, whilst maintaining currency within the industry in which they practice.

CPD Hours

Focus Exercise Professionals requires members to follow this policy and maintain an accurate and up-to-date CPD log, with a minimum of 10 hours per year. The documented CPD should recognise the experience, and the application to the professional field for your area of work.

The number of hours should reflect the level that the members of Focus Exercise Professionals are accredited. It would be expected that a higher level would generate a higher number of CPD hours.

The hours will be accrued from the month that the individual joins Focus Exercise Professionals until the month of renewal.


The relevancy of the continuing professional development to member’s area of practice will be reviewed by an expert fitness panel, to ensure this meets the expectations and standards of the field.